10 Feet 3.2m Two Epson DX5/DX7 Print heads Eco Solvent Printer

  • 3.2m(10 feet) printing size

  • Three-stage heating system

  • With one or two Epson DX5/DX7 printheads for option

  • Intalled imported Hiwin rail way guider

  • Auto take-up system


10 Feet 3.2m Two Epson DX7 Print heads Eco Solvent Printer


10 Feet 3.2m Large Format Eco Solvent Printer with Epson DX5/DX7 printhead for option.

The target market to DS3200 is aiming at the advanced application of high precision and wide format inkjet printing.The maximum output width is 3.2m, it can support single or multi-volume media operation at the same time.It can support the 1400*2880dpi. Widely used inlarge thermal transfer printing/film printing/individual fresco and wall painting/outdoor advertisement.


CALCA3200 Supper Width Eco-Solvent Printer

Adopt the classic control system from Professional system integrate company,practiced for many years to ensure the stable

performance in line with the military standard.

CALCA3200 Supper Width Eco-Solvent Printer

Stable AC servo motor-provide the high precision, stability,smoothness of movement to ensure you with a high precision of

printing and cloth feeding.

Adopt the famous brand of high speed and quite guide rail to ensure the high precision,low noise,abrasive resistance as well

as the stability of the carrier.

Imported raster with the performance of high precision to ensure the position of each ink drop.

Adopt the 1.25G bidirectional optic transmission to eliminate the interference of telecommunication,

as well as to ensure a high capacity and high speed date transmission.

• Adopts high precision steel structure,the horizontal accuracy is ±0.05mm to ensure the printing quality and stability even in high speed.

• Adopt the high strength aluminum magnesium alloy crossbeam,With higher strength higher precision and smaller weight.

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