Wide format Konica 512i Solvent Printer

3.2m 10feet printing size

Industry style fast printing speed

4 pieces or 8 pieces Konica 512i printheads

Computer, keyboard and displayer can be placed in the machine


. Adopting hybrid steel girder fuselage structure which is foundation of high-volume output.
. Adopting extra wide aluminum print panel, so as to reach mass production together with Konica 512i 30pl printhead.
. Adopting 400W high-power AC servo control system, so as to get long life, fast response and high accuracy.
. Platform is with media adsorption function. Adsorption fans is in an independent room. You could adjust adsorption force by hand for media in different thickness.  
. Safe low-voltage print head heating function makes printing better, meanwhile reduce temperature requirements. It is automatic temperature heating in the second ink bottle. No worry about printing in cold area.
. monochrome pressure washing is helpful in saving ink consumption. Detecting printhead's temperature and adjusting voltage automatically reduce the possibility of ink broken.
. Dynamic adjustment of step size and two-way value in printing improves work efficiency. Wave eclosion and linear wave functions improve matter in "PASS".
. Equipping ink insufficiency reminders in the main ink bottle,so it is convenient and safe in replaceing ink and avoid losses of ink.
. Effective ventilation system is a great solution of getting rid of the smell of solvent ink.
. Cleaning LED light with glass cover, easy for printhead cleaning, light can automatically switch off which can extend the using life of LED.
. Three stops constant temperature heating system,flash drying,better ink absorption,higher precision and powerful working efficiency

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