Large Format Industry Ricoh GEN5 UV Flatbed printer

Large Format Industry UV Flatbed printer

Use Ricoh GEN5 printhead, print head durability can up to max. 5 years

High quality AC Servo motor-the closed-loop control with encoder feedback can meet fast response

High Standard level Vacuum platform to make material smoothly on the table

Imported LED UV lamp, working life is more than 20000 hours

Smart and Touch screen control panel, easily and friendly operation really come true


Large Format Industry UV Flatbed printer


AC servo is the sine wave control ball screw,torque ripple is small.The closed-loop control with encoder feed back can meet the fast response and accurate position.

Vacuum and air flotation

1.Adopt intelligent inverter that can control the atr pressure of the vacuum suction table automtically and accurately,and it can ensure different printed materials can be absorbed by the platform stably! The vacuum platform is multifunctional,it is thermostable and difference is less thanb 0.2mm, there are 6 dependentt vacuum suction,and each vacuum suction can be controled by air valve.The machine comes with high power air blower,which can have larger suction area.

2.Using air floatation function can make the printed object taken out easily in the pneumatic suspension,and reduce the friction caused by objects and platform.

Import LED-UV curing lamp

low power, low heat, long life, life morethan 20000hours can be used for 20 years,low energy consumption is one tenth of the power consumption of the traditional mercury,that can greatly improve the production efficiency shorten the exposure time of a job.

Human interface design

Dual control system,you can do whatever you want.

Exquisite LCD touch panel, user-frieddly interface operation design, super screen but more delicate,ultra sensitive  touch screen can also be operated with gloves

dual control system let you use the machine more conveniently.

Automactic ink circulation system

White ink automactic circulation anti precipitation function

Unique white ink automactic cycle deposition prevention function,according to a set period of time to keep the intermittent.

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