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Three core factors for high printing quality

Three core factors for high printing quality

Wide format printing technology provide high efficiency for the advertising industry, in the choice of inkjet printing equipment, users pursue higher print accuracy, faster print speed, more stable use of performance at the same time, also have a very high demand for inkjet print color accuracy and rich color performance.

The accuracy of color performance can more fully embodies the printing image and color gamut effect. Wide format printing technology in the printing industry to achieve the desired application effect must meet the industry's high demand for color accuracy. Inkjet print output, in addition to high-precision printing technology support, mechanical parts are also required to support, from the machine parts tolerance, to the choice of spare parts, will have an impact on the accuracy and effectiveness of printing, such as the stability of the rail, the accuracy of the steps and so on.

Usually we mentioned the ink CMYK, that is, printing in the standard 4-color, thus a high quality ink, each of its colors should be close to theoretically prescribed printing colors.But the actual market, the color of the ink there will be some differences, this difference come from the ink raw materials, production technology and whether to strictly follow the printing color standards and so on. Today's print output software (RIP) features are more powerful, basically have a strong color adjustment function. With excellent performance of the printing equipment and output software, and through the software on the color micro-adjustment can get excellent image output quality.

In the use of the application of the real machine operation, if you use the high quality ink + excellent performance of the printing equipment + excellent software, will be able to make your inkjet production to achieve more satisfactory color effects. Because a ready-made ink curve is an inkjet scheme that is printed for a particular situation (for example, a specific ink, a specific inkjet printer, a specific print medium). when choose consumables for printing machine, we suggest users to choose original ink or high-quality ink provided by machine manufacturer, Because the manufacturer's ink is tested and corrected by the color gamut of the print device and the ink, provide the best ICC file for the printing machine.Select the original ink to achieve better color reduction. Other inferior inks do not follow well the color standards, failed to achieve better color curve correction, therefore, the printing color difference, printing quality is not good.

Therefore, in the color accuracy of the inkjet printing apparatus, Three core factors for high printing quality are: high-quality machine hardware, RIP printing program (including drive, ICC file, etc.), high-quality original ink. The unity of the three can have high-quality print results.

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