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Agfa impresses with smart packaging technologies at drupa’s Touchpoint Packaging

Agfa impresses with smart packaging technologies at drupa’s TouchpointPackaging

Leveraging the convergence between its packaging and security printing activities, Agfa positions itself as a strategic partner for advanced packaging applications. It sees the Touchpoint Packaging as a suitable platform for a dialog with potential customers, hinging on three focus points: Arziro security software, silver-based conductive inks and color laser imaging technology.

According to a European Commission report, nearly 7-10% of world trade is infected by counterfeit goods, costing brand owners approximately EUR 500 billion every year. This has caused many companies to rethink their manufacturing strategies and improve their techniques to protect their brands.

Arziro, design software for the general security printing market

Based on Fortuna, the design software for the high-security print market, Agfa developed Arziro Design: a state-of-the-art plugin for Adobe Illustrator to create anti-counterfeiting artwork, which is targeted at companies involved in general-security printing.

At drupa, Agfa adds Arziro Authenticate, a unique and powerful hybrid authentication and track & trace SAAS solution. Both Arziro modules will be shown at the Touchpoint Packaging.

Silver-based conductive inks

It is indisputable that remote sensing, connectivity and printed electronics will play an increasingly important role in the future of packaging. High-conductivity inks will be essential to the viability of these technologies, as they enable the capturing and processing of vital signals and electric currents that make these packaging circuits of the future work. Nano-silver inks from Agfa allow for printing high-quality RFID antennas for example, and are an enabling technology for future printed electronics in both analog and digital applications or workflows.

Color-laser imaging technology

For a number of years, Agfa has been active in the development of laser-imageable and color-changeable formulations. Several of these technologies offer unique features that can be of value in packaging applications.

The main attraction of these technologies is their ability to generate an image on a finished product without altering the look or feel of the product. At the moment, Agfa is translating these coating formulations into functional printing inks.

These technologies will be at display at drupa’s TouchPoint Packaging in Hall 12. Also visit the Agfa Graphics booth in Hall 8a.

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